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Privacy and security

Privacy and security


The company PLATON SA through its online store has taken all the necessary measures, with the most modern and advanced encryption methods, in order to ensure confidential all information related to the personal data of users.

Your navigation in our online store can be done in the following ways: 

1. As a visitor, where you can browse freely in the online store, without giving any personal information. 

2. As a customer, where you must create an account, in order to automatically activate the corresponding customer services of the online store (commercial transactions, order tracking, tenders, newsletters, etc.),

In this case we will ask you for your name and email address (e-mail address), as well as a username (username) along with a password, which you will use to log in to your account each time.

Additional personal data will be requested in case you wish to place an order. Necessary condition for making a purchase from our online store is the disclosure by you of some information / personal data about the electronic transaction process, (Shipping address, telephone number, while in case of invoice you will be asked for the name of the company, the VAT number and the address of its registered office). 

If you choose to pay by credit card, you must fill in the details in the corresponding fields in the menu environment of EUROBANK bank where you will be automatically routed.

Our company does not have access to the following personal data

· Password

· No details of your credit card

During your visit to our website, some information is stored, such as the IP address of your provider, as well as the date of your visit. We clarify that this information is not linked to your personal data and is used to better serve you through the improvement of our website.



In addition, you may be asked to activate cookies.

With the help of cookies, small files are stored on your computer that are not related to your personal data nor do we use them to identify you, but serve to better navigate and display the information based on your preferences. It is at your discretion to save or delete these files, but unfortunately, deleting them will probably limit the possibilities of navigating and using the website.


Protection and processing of personal data (Law 2472/1997


The details of the users (name, profession, email address, home address, etc.) and the transactions of the users of the online store are considered confidential, as in the usual transactions in a commercial store.

Users when providing their data in the context of their transactions as hereafter, will be informed by the Company and consent and accept the forthcoming processing of this personal data, for the needs of smooth and easy between the parties to the transaction, as well as as well as the transmission of this information to recipients who will be specifically identified and are the employees of the company in the context of processing the order.

Otherwise the Company undertakes not to disclose the details of customers and their transactions, unless it has a written authorization from them, or this is imposed by a court decision or decision of another public authority. The personal data declared in our online store are used exclusively by it.

You can send your questions about our privacy policy to:




10552 ATHENS



Online Store Privacy Officer