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The company “PLATON SA” was founded in 1925 in Alexandria, Egypt by persons who love perfumes. In the early ‘60s the Company expands its activities in Greece always motivated by the knowledge of flavouring materials and with a view to respect the consumer.


PLATON has a market wide range of products to meet the needs of the most demanding customer. Innumerable seductive perfumes, scented incense, natural soaps that combine softness and luxury, vials suitable for pharmaceutical or cosmetic utilization, essential oils for every use, high quality raw materials for confectionery and cosmetics of the finest materials.





We import high quality and great quantity fragrances to give impetus and value to your products (soaps, candles, air fresheners, ambience perfumes, colognes etc.).


In the spirit of our long experience in fragrances there was the creation of our subsidiary ELEVON Ltd, in order to produce high-quality packaged Eau de Parfum and bulk perfumes and colognes.


Essential oils


The beneficial properties of essential oils are fully documented and accepted by the scientific world. Aromatherapy is a key branch of alternative medicine based on the unique properties of each essential oil.


Our Company focuses on the careful selection of high quality guaranteed essential oils, which imports and distributes in the Greek market for pharmaceutical and cosmetic use.


Natural cosmetic


In 2004, as the essence of PLATON long experience and ELEVON expertise, followed the creation of the brand Julia Rosenthal, JR™, a series of products conceived with the philosophy to promote good health and appearance maintenance.


The range of articles includes creams, lotions and oils for SPA and massage utilization which in addition to their cosmetic effect are distinguished for their healing properties, besides there are unique fragrances, “Eau de Parfum”, for woman and man, arranged in such a way to cover the entire range of fragrance characters that will satisfy the most demanding consumer.


Confectionary-alimentary purpose


The aromatic essences-flavors are the absolute key to a successful and unique cake, ice cream or liqueur.

Our Company imports genuine, top quality and certified flavouring raw materials suitable for pastry and food (vanilla, rose water, fruit essences, bitter almond, etc.) and pigments tested and complied with existing Code of Food and Beverage.


Pharmaceutical and cosmetic vials


The sleek lines and artistry shape and form of a bottle predispose us to the charm of its content. Vials of essential oils, colognes and perfumes are small works of art in glass or crystal.


We also have jars for cosmetic creams, caps and droppers for the quality healthy preservation of sensitive medicinal and aromatic products.




The incense invests in a fragrant communication between man and God, that’s why the fragrance is a purely personal matter.


We choose pure, high quality raw materials and trust Europe’s most renewed perfumery houses to assure you genuine and extremely clean aromatic incenses, which we process and distribute in the form of tears or ready-meal.


All the above mentioned products are provided at affordable prices and of a quality guaranteed by our long presence in the field of fragrances and flavors.

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