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Reward Points

Collect as many points as you can and redeem them as a discount on your next purchases!

1. In your basket, you can be informed about the number of points that its purchase automatically offers you. So with each purchase you earn points.

2. Generally, you earn 1 point for every € 0.10 purchase, except in cases where the company will offer more reward points on selected products.

3. Points add up to your total purchases.

4. You can redeem your points when you have collected at least 3000

5. With the redemption of 3000 points, you benefit from a discount of 5 €, in the next order.

6. The discount will be made with the special coupon (gift voucher), which will be sent to you by the company.

7. You will be able to redeem this coupon in the next purchase according to the time limit that will be indicated when sending it.

8. The redemption of points will be done for next  purchase greater than 30 €.

9. The redemption of points concerns only the whole of a product market and not additional charges (shipping and cash on delivery costs)

10. Only one gift voucher can be redeemed at each subsequent purchase.

11. Reward points are earned only by those who have an account and not by the customers who order as visitors.

12. Points cannot be transferred to another person / account

13. Points are added only for orders through our online store

14. Orders by telephone  or other way can not have reward points

15. In case of return or cancellation of orders, the corresponding reward points will be deducted from you