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Reward Points

Collect as many points as you can and redeem them as a discount on your next purchases!

1. Reward points are earned only by account customers and not by customers ordering as guests.

2. In your shopping cart, you can find out about the number of points of the products you selected. So with every purchase you earn points.

3. You earn 1 point for every €0.10 purchase, except in cases where the company will offer more reward points on selected products.

4. Points are added to your total purchases. You can view  your total points from your account management.

5. You can redeem points by buying products with points (in the product page view the tab buy with points) – You don't need to have all the points to buy the product to redeem, you can redeem as many points as you want.

6. The redemption of 3000 points corresponds to a discount worth €5 and any proportion of these applies (e.g. 1500 points €2.5)

7. Redemption of points only concerns the total purchase of products and not additional charges (shipping and cash on delivery costs)

8. Points are not transferable to another customer/account

9. Points are added only for orders through our online store

10. Telephone orders  or other way orders cannot be credited with points


11. In cases of return or cancellation of orders, the corresponding reward points are deducted from your account.